September 30, 2010

Cheating Wife?

Dear Snide Atheist,
My wife of 12 years is growing distant. Recently, she is going out late at nights. She doesn't return my calls. We haven't had sex in ages. Do you think she has become an atheist and is that reason enough to get an annulment? I have my eye on this new young thing.

Concerned Husband

Dear CB,
Any insult I could throw at you, would be nothing compared to the humiliation of the long, pathetic life ahead of you! I have no idea whether your wife is an atheist or not, but if your wife of 12 years is regularly getting boned by another man, then you're delusional if you think some new young thing is going to be interested in you. Unless, of course, by "new young thing," you mean the crackwhore who hangs out in the alley behind your house. In that case, I say "go for it." Just make sure you have plenty of baking soda and spoons on hand, so you don't get yourself in this situation again.
The Snide Atheist

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