November 26, 2010

Sarah Palin

Dear Snide Atheist,
I was wondering if you could give us your take on Sarah Palin. Why do people listen to this fucktard? Is it me or are Americans getting more stupid by the day???
Pat B

Dear Pat B,
Certainly, these queries are getting more stupid by the day!  People listen to Sarah Palin because she represents real Americans.  You know, real Americans - ignorant, god-fearing, mouth-breathing, slobbering morons who can't tell the difference between boobs and brains.  When they get sexually excited from starting at their idol, Sarah Palin, they think they're being intellectually stimulated.  Then again, for them, this is probably true.
The Snide Atheist


  1. There's a difference between brains and boobs-since when.


  2. Yeah, but at least she looks hot blasting chipmunks from the hip with an M-60...