October 06, 2010

Atheist Vampires?

Dear Snide Atheist, 
I heard somebody say that atheists fear the light. Are atheists actually vampires? If so, how does one become an atheist? Biting?

Joe J.

Dear Joe J.,
You'd be well advised to not pass along your genes! You've been watching too much crappy adolescent sewage like Twilight. Vampires are no more real than Jesus, astrology, or Miley Cyrus' virginity. We do plenty of ritual sacrifices, but only of Christians, baby kittens, and loser teenagers who don't realize that goth went out of style two decades ago.
The Snide Atheist


  1. So would you say your on team Edward or team Jacob?

  2. "jujubee said...
    So would you say your on team Edward or team Jacob?"

    Edward or Jacob? Whichever one is the over-hyped, no-talent douchebag.

    Oh wait, I guess that doesn't really narrow it down.