October 01, 2010

What's the Point?

Dear Snide Atheist,
As an atheist, I've been trying to get into the spirit of things by participating in orgies and committing all sorts of sin, but I don't really see the point any more. Can you help me out?

Dear K.H.,
If your nose wasn't attached to your face, I bet you'd forget to do your line! No help is required - you're doing it correctly. The point is that there is no point. Living a life of selfish, hedonistic pleasure is simply to help divert us from the soul-crushing fact that life has no purpose or meaning. If you find yourself wondering what the point is, then you need to step it up. It's hard to ponder the pointlessness of life when passed out from downing a liter of Jack Daniel's.
The Snide Atheist


  1. are you trying to say that all atheists are alcoholics?

  2. "steve-oh said...
    are you trying to say that all atheists are alcoholics?"

    Of course not. I would never say something so ridiculous. Some atheists are heroin junkies, coke addicts, or potheads instead.